Poptropica godly surfers :0

6 06 2010

Mythology Surfers!

It’s summertime, so grab your sunscreen, surfboards, and hit the beach!

These outfits are now available in the store, so choose your Mythology Surfer style: Zeus, Hades, or Poseidon.

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That’s right folks. they’re for 75 credits! I wanted the Poseidon one and the Hades and Zeus, but the Poseidon & Hades are boys only. I ONLY WANT THE BOARD! Guys are lucky. Well show your spirit for the big three! Mine of course is all! 🙂 These are perfect for Percy Jackson fans!

~P.S Sorry me and Kitty don’t post, but I’d try harder to post more. 😉

UPDATE: Girls do get the Poseidon and Hades, don’t worry boys you get Zeus too.


I haven’t Posted in FOREVER!

18 04 2010

No,I didn’t die. I was busy….. Pockii/Haru  will post some  more too. 🙂 :mrgreen:

Happy Easter!

4 04 2010

Kitty and Pockii/Haru Wish you a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Let’s go get Dr. Hare and have a PARTY! Yahoo! {Click the image to make it larger}

Avatar contest!

2 04 2010

Send in your avatar in comment and you will get to be staff if you have a wordpress account. If not make one. If you don’t want one you just get the pride.

Olle Earthlings

2 04 2010

Happy to be here ^ ^. This blog is off the CHAIN!  This blog rocks! Who wouldn’t like it??????????????? This blog rock!  Oh and by the way My names Pockii/Haru hehe Check out my blog to? Lolkutiepie.wordpress.com hehe

Mythology Island is out!

1 04 2010

Mythology Island is out for members! This is not an April fool. (Yes it is. Just kidding. Or am I?) Seriously. It is coming out. Wheeeeee! Party!

Hi I’m kinda new at this

30 03 2010

Hey! It’s Kitty from the PHB Xat Chat. This blog is still under construction. I want a good experienced graphics person and blogger for staff. I will get your e-mail in your comment.  This blog is about poptropica and Club penguin. Please no negative comments or cussing if you do your comment will  be deleted. :mrgreen: Have a nice day!  :mrgreen: